Hot Melt Guns Series Long Life from Protek Adhesive Systems

Hot Melt Guns Long Life

Hot Melt Guns Series Long Life

Hot Melt Guns Series Long Life

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Long Life Series hot-melt guns from Protek are designed with standard or high-temperature configurations, composed of one or more modules with different types of centre diameters and nozzles, as well as solenoid valves, in order to meet the widest range of requirements.

Main features of these glue guns are speeds of up to 6.000 cycles/minute, AMX 45 module with double interchangeable gasket cartridge, zero-cavity self-cleaning nozzle, protective non-stick Ergal (aluminium) casing, integrated glue filter which is removable without disassembling the hose.

In addition to standard solenoid valves, PREO has developed a new model that can deliver an exceptional solution for tasks that require low energy consumption, high-speed application and small size and weight.