Cold Glue Piston Pump Series from Protek Adhesive Systems

Glue Systems With Piston Pump Series CLP

Cold Glue Piston Pump Series

Diaphragm Pump Series CLD

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Protek’s Cold Glue Piston Pump Series with CLP Series piston pump are used for distributing cold, medium viscosity water-based industrial adhesives (up to 10,000mPas). This PREO equipment is for gluing stainless steel or materials that are treated to prevent oxidation.

These highly reliable guns require minimal maintenance and guarantee an efficient solution for dosing adhesives at high pressures. Available in different configurations, they can be integrated with accessories such as proportional valves, encoders, photocells and a glue level control device.

A stainless-steel, anti-pulsation glue filter, included as a standard feature on all models, has the double function of eliminating impurities that could block the nozzles and also reducing the movements created by the pump with a sphere on the bottom of the filter. An easily extractable cartridge inside the filter facilitates cleaning operations.

Incorporating a piston pump with a 4:1 compression ratio with pneumatic controls, this versatile equipment also uses manual or automatic pressure adjustment to control the quantity of glue, in relation to machine speed. A stainless-steel pressure regulator can be mounted with a 4:1 ratio, controlled by a proportional valve or set manually.

The pump is mounted on a plastic lid which is easily positioned on standard buckets (capacity of 20-30 litres) and can be transferred to a bucket of water for cleaning.