PREO Easy Touch Series P10 applicator from Protek Adhesive Systems

Applicators Easy Touch Series P10

PREO Easy Touch Series P10

PREO Easy Touch Series P10

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Protek’s innovative P10 Easy Touch Series applicators for hot-melt adhesives offer exceptional gluing advantages including simplicity of use, flexibility, reduced maintenance costs, quick installation, high safety standards, exceptional reliability and full integration with any packaging line.

Suitable for a variety of sectors, this gluing system from PREO incorporates a high precision piston pump for melting and application of adhesives and thermoplastic materials with a viscosity of up to 30,000 Cps. It is fully treated with a hard oxide coating and it is easy to remove in case of maintenance or replacement. The P10 Series’ melting tank has a large loading inlet, opened on three sides, making filling of the 10kg tank easier.

The new microprocessor controls all the operations necessary for repeatable and accurate gluing, such as thermo-regulation in all different system areas, programming control of eight glue tracks for each of the independent channels. Additional features are: economy function, clock, weekly programming, maximum temperature alarm, sequential heating of all channels and delay temperature set point lock.