Hot-Melt Adhesives Series AMX-45 from Protek Adhesive Systems

Modules For Hot-Melt Adhesives Series AMX-45

Hot-Melt Adhesives Series AMX-45

Hot-Melt Adhesives Series AMX-45

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AMX 45 Series modules are the only modules in the world to use double interchangeable gasket cartridges. They come with self-cleaning zero-cavity nozzles in a variety of configurations.

Compatible with systems designed for Protek’s previous modules, New Life and Long Life, these high-precision components can sustain high work speeds of up to 6500 strokes per minute. Their small size and easy maintenance contribute to ensuring cost-effective, reliable service over a long period of time.

Customers can choose from a wide range of nozzles, also in special configurations and materials, to find the best solution for any gluing challenge. PREO uses innovative aerospace and aviation technology to make the most revolutionary components on the global market today.

Precise needle micro-regulation system: guarantees perfect micro-dot distribution, even at very high speeds, while the titanium-coated needle guarantees reliability, precision, top performance and a practically unlimited lifetime of use.

Innovative double interchangeable gasket cartridge system has been specifically developed to guarantee a perfect seal at high pressures and temperatures. Also ensuring simple, cost-effective maintenance and long product lifecycle. Cartridges can be easily unscrewed and replaced with new pre-assembled cartridges. Modules always work properly, without compromising reliability, quality or precision.