Cold Line Guns Wide Band Spray from Protek Adhesive Systems

Guns Series Cold Line Wide Band Spray

Cold Line Guns Wide Band Spray

Cold Line Wide Band Spray

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PREO’s new Cold Line Guns Wide Band Spray Gun Series from Protek is technically more advanced than its competitors due to the following main features: accuracy in the glue delivery, utmost reliability, high-quality construction materials, easy and quick maintenance.

One of the other advantages of the Cold Line Wide Band spray gun is the new cartridge containing all retaining seals through a self-regulating memory spring system, eliminating the need for manual inter-action from the service engineer.

More over the needle is made of a special stainless steel with a specific hardening treatment executed in a controlled atmosphere. The gun body is made of dural aluminium and is treated in hard oxide so creating a tempered and non-stick surface. The cap present on the nozzle is treated with a non-stick coating.