PREO Millenium Series M50 from Protek Adhesive Systems

Applicators Millennium Series M50

PREO Millenium Series M50

PREO Millenium Series M50

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Protek’s Millenium Series M50 applicators are designed for melting and applying EVA, polyamide, polyester and high viscosity pressure sensitive adhesives.

Designed by PREO for large scale production procedures, these applicators are available configured with a 50kg tank and one or more high precision gear pump. The pumps can be regulated at different flow rates to guarantee absolute precision under all operating conditions and different product characteristics, including viscosity, temperature and typology.

The tank has a large loading inlet open on three sides which makes filling the vessel easier. Filling is done with the innovative progressive melting system, which eliminates problems related to carbonisation and oxidation, and optimises product results.

Other features include a rotary switch selector, variable speed AC motors, a glue filter easy to access and replace – the filter ensures a better distribution of adhesive and prevents nozzles from clogging due to impurities – a sophisticated pressure control device and a quick pressure release and regulation valve.

A new microprocessor controls all the functions for a smooth operation. The M50 melters are innovative, easy to use and flexible enough to adapt to different production needs, with low impact maintenance operations and costs. They are quickly installed, easily programmed and exceptionally reliable, with suitable safety standards. These units can be completely integrated into any existing packaging line, which guarantees maximum application versatility.