PREO Bulkmelter Series BM200 from Protek Adhesive Systems

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PREO Bulkmelter Series BM200

PREO Bulkmelter Series BM200

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The Bulkmelter200 Series of melters with pressure plates is recommended for extruding EVA based, pressure sensitive, Polyethylene, Polyamide, and Polyurethane adhesives and mastic adhesive directly from the drum, for both manual and automatic applications.

Designed for large-scale production, the BM200 Series from Protek is available in 200litre tanks and are fitted with high pressure gear pumps with different flow rates and a safety valve, in order to guarantee absolute feed precision under all usage conditions, both continuous and intermittent.

A new microprocessor manages all the operations necessary for the system to operate smoothly. The BM200 melters are innovative, easy to use and flexible enough to adapt to different production needs, with low impact maintenance operations and costs. They are quickly installed, easily programmed and exceptionally reliable, with suitable safety standards. These units can be completely integrated into any existing packaging line, which guarantees maximum application versatility.

Other features of the BM200 Easy Series are a Rotary Switch selector for setting system parameters, a wide choice of high precision gear pumps with different flow rates, a pressure plate with Melting on Demand (MOD), a pneumatic-hydraulic drive that raises and lowers the heating pressure plate and a drum inserting and centring device which reduces waste to a minimum.