Robotized Systems for hot melt applications from Protek Adhesive Systems

Robotized Systems 3 AXYS Series ZYX

Robotized Systems for hot melt

Robotized Systems 3 AXYS Series ZYX

Ideal for product distribution even at different depths, Protek’s Robotized Systems for hot melt applications has been designed for industrial automation working on three interpolated and programmable axis (ZYX) with Z axis control.

The product can be distributed by drops, lines, arcs, or by irregular (even three-dimensional) marks thanks to the three-axis simultaneous control system.

Programming methods are simplified by the programmer-robot dialogue system and by an automatic error detection function, combined with self-diagnosis to signal anomalies.

Axis control and programming can be applied through the various modes available such as manual MDI (Manual Data Input), Joystick and/or remote control, auto-learning with predefined geometrical figures and/or pre-stored programmes, insertion of programmes managed by dedicated Cad Cam and importing from dxf format files or programming by standard micro-processor.

ZYX is supplied with a RS 232 interface for an external PC connection allowing you to programme and to control all functions through a simple and personalized software (Windows compatible).

Resolution and repeatability of 0.1mm also ensures the maximum precision in any application. The system’s flexibility and possibility of special dimensions on request means the ZYX robot can be a customised solution for any problem or special application.