PREO P5 Easy Touch Series of hot-melt adhesive machines

Applicators Easy Touch Series P5

PREO P5 Easy Touch Series

PREO P5 Easy Touch Series

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Protek’s PREO P5 EASY TOUCH Series of hot-melt adhesive machines are innovative applicators offering simplicity of use, flexibility, reduced maintenance costs, speed of installation, easy programming, high safety standards, exceptional reliability and total integration with any existing assembly line.

This gluing equipment represents a quality solution for the application of thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives through a superior precision pneumatic pump with a viscosity of up to 30,000 cps – suitable for a variety of sectors. The EASY TOUCH system can be customised to suit all gluing needs and is equipped with the latest operator friendly microprocessor with 7″ LCD Touch Screen colour display.

EASY TOUCH melters have a re-designed melting tank with a 4.5lt capacity that distributes the heat more evenly and efficiently over the entire surface, thus obtaining a precise and effective melt, with significant energy savings. A high-quality finish and easy to maintain, EASY TOUCH applicators significantly maximise application times and reduce downtime during the gluing process.