PREO Easy Series UBM Applicators from Protek Adhesive Systems

Applicators Easy Series UBM

PREO Easy Series UBM

PREO Easy Series UBM

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Protek’s Easy UBM Series are the first and only zero maintenance applicators in the world for Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesives in mono-component cartridges. These PREO applicators are the ideal solution for melting and applying small quantities of PUR adhesive in a variety of sectors such as paper-transformation, bookbinding, textiles, and assembly.

The innovative UBM series uses Melt on Demand (MOD) technology and is a globally patented operating system. Once the PUR cartridge is inserted and hooked into the melting plate, the lower piston (the only moveable component in the whole system), pushes the cartridge from the bottom guiding it and melting only the required amount of adhesive.

Another advantage of the Easy UBM Series applicator is the total absence of glue residuals in the system that could clog the channels. Its practical construction also means less maintenance time is required. The LCD display provides images of all sections of the machine (tank, pipes, and guns) and the relevant parameters, making it extremely simple to programme the system.
The applicators are fitted with variable speed AC motors and very precise and reliable gear pumps made of fully tempered high-speed steel. A by-pass valve maintains the pressure constant with machine settings and ensures the utmost safety during system operation by releasing the pressure of the adhesive inside the plant automatically, even in the event of an emergency.