Hot Melt Service and Repair from Protek Adhesive Systems

Service & Repair

Hot Melt Service and Repair. Machine down-time causing headaches? No permanent on-site engineer? Protek Packaging has the answer. We have developed a range of hot melt machinery servicing plans which can be tailored to the requirements of any business, large or small. A regular service programme means that expensive and time-consuming breakdowns become a thing of the past. Take a look below to find out what we include in our servicing schedules:-

  • Scheduled 3-monthly or 6-monthly services for each hot melt applicator
  • Interim Protek HealthCheck plan
  • Exclusive spare part stocking service for your business
  • Telephone troubleshooting

24-hour Technical Assistance

If the unexpected happens and a machine breaks down between servicing, we can combine any of our servicing plans with our 24-hour Technical Assistance service. No more waiting for engineers or spare parts to arrive; we are available for call-out at any time. For more information on our 24-hour Technical Assistance service or to discuss your requirements in detail, contact us today or complete our enquiry form and let us contact you.

Equipment Hire

Hot Melt Equipment hire is the latest concept underway at Protek Packaging. If your hot melt equipment is becoming unreliable and you have neither the budget or the resources to purchase and install new machines, we now provide the option to hire your hot melt equipment. Our exclusive machine hire packages include:

  • Automatic tank systems, tank and hand gun combo’s and chamber guns
  • Full on-site installation
  • Instruction and demonstration by a trained Engineer

Optional add-ons include:

  • 24-hour technical assistance
  • Telephone troubleshooting service
  • Exclusive spare part stocking service

If you are interested in hiring your hot melt equipment and would like more information, contact us or complete our enquiry form and we will contact you.